A basic Slime is a single mutated cell most commonly found in waters. This cell is able to convert other cells into slime-cells no matter the Kind. It shares similarities to stem-cells.

The slime-cells Stick together, forming a  Blob. This slime-blob will envelop its prey in order to cover more cells on its prey's’ body. Should a part of the Slime be torn away the split off part will act as its own entity.

Of course not all cells will get converted as some are consumed for energy, since although the Slime is able to extract nutrients out of the water it still isn't sufficient to cover the energy upkeep for all the cells.

As it consumes all cells in its vicinity it will have progressively more trouble finding prey. This is when another similarity to stem-cells comes into play and the second big change happens. The Blob changes some of its cells into nerve cells effective creating a brain (this brain is often falsely referred to as a Core). Although the nerve-cells will enable the Slime to coordinate its actions the new cells are now unable to convert cells.

The creation of nerve-cells sparks a time of Evolution for the Slime, leading to the vast diversity of slimes. Most slimes will also Start splitting in This Phase.

Slimes are often used as water cleaners, since they can rid the water of harmful lifeforms and are (relatively) easy to remove.