This race seems to collectively suffer under haphephobia, the fear of touch (which is a problem due to them relying only on touch). Should they be touched they will panic and not stop attacking until they or the offender is dead. This includes not only animals, but plants, too. Even their own species is not an exception.

The "Yigroda" are a hybrid between treant and a man eating tree. After consciously witnessing their ancestors devastating influence on the eco-system they decided to suppress their instincts to create numerous Pollen and to only Mate with other "Yigroda" or treants. Should they fail to control their instincts they are Seen as as bad as their ancestors and treated like them. Since they know this they do their utmost to keep their Pollen even if their minds are eroded by the resulting Stress and are intellectually reduced to the same level as their ancestors.